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Software Hassles?

Software can cause more problems than it solves, sometimes. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The same data is entered into multiple systems

  • Data in different systems doesn't match

  • Data has to be pulled from multiple systems for reports

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Mountains of Paperwork?

Even worse than ineffective software is a lack of software. Paperwork comes with it's own issues:

  • Lost paperwork

  • Misfiled items

  • Report generation is a manual effort


Our products are designed to be intuitive and effective. We build integration solutions that bring together the data in all of your software packages, and create databases to get your data organized.


Get your systems talking to each other

You've got data in several places. Wouldn't it be nice if they all played nicely together?

They can.

Our solutions create reports using data from multiple sources and import data from one spot to another. Think of it as a bridge from one software package to another. 


Streamline and Automate

Excel is a great tool for analyzing your data, but how much time are you spending on tasks like importing data, formatting and charting? Probably too much. We develop Excel solutions that tap into your databases and automatically refresh your reports, apply filters, generate PivotTables, and more.


Microsoft Access or SQL Server

Is your crucial data stored in spreadsheets or on paper? We'll develop a database solution that you can grow into over time.


You'll spend less time copying data from one place to another, and gathering all the necessary data for your reports.


Better still, the quality of your data will improve, giving you better insights into the health of your company.


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522 Burrage St
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