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Get Control of your Data

Effective software gives you easy access to key data points, allowing you to make the decisions that move your company forward, gaining traction toward your goals.

Your software should work for you, not against you.

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Software Hassles?

Does this sound familiar?

  • The same data is entered into multiple systems

  • Data in different systems doesn't match

  • Data has to be pulled from multiple systems for reports

  • You're managing crucial data on paper, or worse, in someone's head

It doesn't have to be that way.

Your software can work better, saving you time, money, and aggravation.


Our solutions are designed to be intuitive and effective. We build integration solutions that bring together the data in all of your software packages, and create databases to get your data organized. We are based in central Massachusetts, covering the Worcester-Leominster area, and serving nation-wide clients remotely.

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Get your systems talking to each other

You've got data in several places. Wouldn't it be nice if they all played nicely together?

They can.

Using Open APIs, automation, and ODBC connections, our solutions can bring together data from different systems. Think of it as a bridge from one software package to another.

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Streamline and Automate

Excel is a great tool for analyzing your data, but how much time are you spending on tasks like importing data, formatting and charting?


Probably too much.


Our Excel consultant will tap into your databases and automatically refresh your Excel reports, apply filters, generate PivotTables, and more.


Microsoft Access or SQL Server

Keep your crucial data safe and secure in a relational database.


Spend less time copying data from one place to another, and gathering all the necessary data for your reports.


Our database consultant will improve the quality of your data, giving you effective insight into the health of your company.

Our most popular services are:

  • Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA

  • Microsoft Access Forms and Reports

  • Microsoft SQL Server Databases

  • Visual C# and Visual Basic

  • VBA in Excel, Access and Word

  • Data Migration between software packages

  • Automation between software packages, via Open API

Don't see your tool listed here?

That's not surprising, given how many options are out there.


Use the Contact form (below) to find out if we can help with your software.


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North Port Solutions is based in Lunenburg, MA, with easy access to central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire communities, including: Leominster, MA, Worcester, MA, Acton, MA, Nashua, NH, Providence, RI, Framingham, MA, Marlborough, MA, Lowell, MA, Waltham, MA, Manchester, NH, and surrounding towns. We offer Excel consulting services, as well as consulting for Access, SQL Server, and other databases. We work on specific projects that you define, or we work as ad-hoc IT staff, regularly spending time working on your software administration and enhancement.

Also available for online consulting via Zoom or similar.

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