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Driven By Customer Success Stories

At North Port Solutions, we’re all about making it easier for you to focus on your business, not your software. We’ll make sure that your mission-critical data is protected and secure with database tools. When it’s time to generate reports, you'll get efficient and easy-to-use systems for producing them without taking up all your time. We'll partner with you to effectively use your website and social media sites to drive business your way.

Our founder, Kimberlee Martin brings over 25 years of IT, business management, and software development experience to the table. In an ever-changing industry, Kim continuously focuses the organization on skills development and learning new technologies. Effective strategies and techniques for Excel applications are currently on the docket. She earned an Associate's Degree in Information Technology from Mount Wachusett Community College in 1988 and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Communications from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019.

We serve clients throughout the central Massachusetts area, including Leominster, Worcester, Acton and surrounding towns.

Image by Brennan Burling


"What we got is an amazing product in the end. We couldn't have been happier. The team is now able to put together a report much more effectively and efficiently with much less errors to make."

San San Kraijesteijn
3angles, Inc.

"...helps you take the data you have and package it into tools that are easily accessible and invaluable for driving business decisions."

Kris Erickson
Office Manager and Lead Auditor

"Kim is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, flexible, and does a good job understanding business and functional requirements."

Cheryn Bastable
Marketing Manager
Philips Healthcare

"...writes the application code quickly and efficiently. Applications are easy to use and contain a lot of functionality."

Yelena Varshal
Client Support Analyst

"Kim exceeded my expectations in terms of the number of Excel skills we managed to cover in 60 minutes. I anticipate having her back soon."

David Halpern

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