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Your software systems can talk to each other.

You've got software for lots of different functions: Finance, ERP, CRM, Order Entry, Scheduling... the list goes on.

That data can come together in several ways. An Excel report can connect to multiple data sources, allowing you to sort, filter and pivot your data. Order data can be exported from your Order Entry system and imported into your Invoicing system. CSV data received from your vendors can be loaded into your database.

The possibilities are endless.


A couple of our most commonly requested services are:

  • Our Excel consultant will help you determine how to quickly and easily view your data in Excel.

  • Our Open API developer can write code to automate transactions in your system.

  • Our Data Analyst can import CSV files into your software

Each situation is unique, so our analyst will take the time to understand your requirements and design an easy-to-use, effective solution.


We focus on managing the integrity of your data so that you can get the information you need when you need it.


Avoid typing the same data over and over. Ensure that your data is clean and correct. Quickly filter and sort your data. Generate meaningful reports.

We work primarily on the Microsoft database platform, developing solutions in SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Our Access and SQL Consultants can help you with:

  • Deciding which type of database best suites your needs

  • Designing a database structure that will allow for quick and easy data retrieval

  • Recommend front-end solutions for getting data into your database.



Are you copying and pasting data into Excel to create reports? We develop Excel solutions that tap into your databases and automatically refresh your reports, apply filters, generate PivotTables, and more.

Do you find yourself repeating the same steps over and over again in Excel? We can automate those steps with the Excel Macro Recorder and with Excel VBA. 


We specialize in creating macros that will grow with you, giving you opportunities to alter the macro's functions without ever looking at the code!.

Our Clients


Our diverse range of clients include manufacturing facilities, construction companies, apparel providers, and more. We usually work with small to mid-sized businesses in central Massachusetts, including Leominster, Acton, Littleton, Andover, Worcester, and surrounding towns. We're willing to travel to customer sites throughout New England.

We're also comfortable working remotely. We use a variety of technical tools including Zoom meetings, video chat and email to interact with you and provide you with frequent status updates.

Here are some of the interesting projects we've worked on lately:

  • CoreMap in Burlington, MA is a manufacturer of medical devices. They needed to track their inventory movement within the company. We built a system in Microsoft Access with integrations to their existing Microsoft Excel databases.

"Kim took feedback very well and was able to make requested changes in a very quick and efficient manner. Kim's ability to take detailed notes, then lead a review meeting made working with her a very positive experience." - Sean Kalil

  • Diamond Antenna & Microwave in Littleton, MA is a manufacturer of communications equipment. They have an enterprise ERP system that meets most of their needs. When there is a gap, we create Microsoft Excel reporting solutions that automatically pull data out of the ERP system. Excel macros then sort and format the data for easy presentation. PivotTables and graphs are added to best illustrate key data points.

"Kim Martin has been working with Diamond Antenna as long as I've been the Materials Manager and ERP SME here (11+ years). She has been a great asset who is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and efficient getting projects completed as required!" - Dave Szczepaniak

  • Black Bear Coatings and Concrete in Leominster, MA is a growing provider of seamless flooring solutions. They utilize several construction-specific software packages, each with its own strengths. We develop solutions that improve communications between those systems, minimizing the need to retype data in multiple locations.

  • Denommee Plumbing is a busy plumbing and HVAC company in Tyngsboro, MA. We helped the company develop a bar-code friendly application to assist in placing orders with their vendors. Another application processes product data received from vendors in CSV files. 

  • The American Connemara Pony Society is a horse club that registers purebred Connemara ponies. We developed a user-friendly Microsoft Access application that allows them to track each pony's ancestry, print certificates, and generate an annual stud book.

"Responded to our needs very quickly and efficiently. Understood the requests and the process. So easy to work with - makes technology seem easy!" - Marynell Eyles

  • 3angles is a non-destructive testing company serving the energy sector. We enhanced their data capture utility, making it easier to accurately capture data and manage a large quantity of Excel worksheets. 

"What we got is an amazing product in the end. We couldn't have been happier. The team is now able to put together a report much more effectively and efficiently with much less errors to make." - San San Kraijesteijn

  • The Stove Center sells wood and pellet stove for residential use. We developed macros for their Google Sheets order application, making it quicker and easier for their sales team to generate customer orders.

These are just a few of the dozens of companies we've worked with over the past twenty years. Whatever software you're working with, we've probably experienced something similar. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs. Our consultation is always free, and you'll walk away with a clear picture of how our services can help you build a stronger company.

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