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We focus on managing the integrity of your data so that you can get the information you need when you need it.


Avoid typing the same data over and over. Ensure that your data is clean and correct. Quickly filter and sort your data. Generate meaningful reports.

We work primarily on the Microsoft database platform, developing solutions in SQL Server and Microsoft Access.


Excel is a great tool for analyzing your data, but managing in a way that yields useful data can be tedious and time consuming. We develop Excel solutions that tap into your databases and automatically refresh your reports, apply filters, generate PivotTables, and more.

Our solutions often start with the Microsoft Excel Macro Recorder. It's a great tool for getting a jumpstart on your process, but usually needs some tweaking and enhancement to be fully functional. We delve into the VBA code behind the macro, adding functionality and making sure you end up with a simple, effective solution.


We specialize in creating macros that will grow with you, giving you opportunities to alter the macro's functions without ever looking at the code!.


Your software systems can talk to each other.

You've got software for lots of different functions: Finance, ERP, CRM, Order Entry, Scheduling... the list goes on.

That data can come together in several ways. An Excel report can connect to multiple data sources, allowing you to sort, filter and pivot your data. Order data can be exported from your Order Entry system and imported into your Invoicing system. CSV data received from your vendors can be loaded into your database.

The possibilities are endless.


Our Clients


Our diverse range of clients include manufacturing facilities, construction companies, apparel providers, and more. We usually work with small to mid-sized businesses in central Massachusetts, including Leominster, Acton, Littleton, Andover, Worcester, and surrounding towns. We're willing to travel to customer sites throughout New England.

We're also comfortable working remotely. We use a variety of technical tools including Zoom meetings, video chat and email to interact with you and provide you with frequent status updates.