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90 minutes of live, interactive training on one of Excel's most powerful features!


Micro Class

In partnership with Made To Thrive Consulting, North Port Solutions is pleased to offer...


VLOOKUP is one of the best features of Excel, but it can be hard to master. This 90-minute class will cover:

  • The purpose of VLOOKUP

  • Defining the lookup table

  • Creating the formula

  • Using the "close enough" feature (aka "Range Lookup")

This is a live, instructor-led training class, so you'll have opportunities to ask your questions and interact with other students.

You'll receive an Excel worksheet that contains examples and exercises. You'll be able to see the instructor's screen as she works through them, and complete the exercises on your own computer during class.

Investment: $99 per person



  • 90-minute live, interactive class

  • Practice worksheet with exercises

  • Opportunity to ask your questions

Limit 10 Per Class - Register Now


Kim Martin, owner of North Port Solutions, has over 25 years of business experience, working with dozens of clients across a range of industries. Kim's background is in IT, where she designs, develops and implements custom software solutions. She teaches Excel classes at all levels, including Excel macros and VBA programming.

Kim's passion is giving small businesses the tools they need to scale, and THRIVE!

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