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Working ON our businesses, not just IN them

I recently read a great post from Made to Thrive Consulting about working on our businesses, not just in them. Check it out here:

This reminded me that being a business owner is more than just having a job. In addition to our day-to-day functions, we always need to keep an eye on the future too. Just getting through today is not enough! That's one of the most important and rewarding aspects of my job. The software solutions that I create help to free people up from their day-to-day tasks so that they can focus on improvements that will bring in new business, keep existing customers happy, and develop new lines of business.

So the question is:

What are you doing today to get ready for tomorrow?

About the Author

Kimberlee Martin is the owner of North Port Solutions and has 30 years of business experience. She's worked with several programming languages and database tools over the years, with her favorites being Microsoft Excel VBA, SQL Server, and Visual C#. Her passion is helping small businesses gain insights into their business with effective reporting and data management.

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