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Make Excel Work Harder For You  

Excel is great tool for managing your data, but how much time are you wasting trying to get it to do what it needs to?

Get expert help with:

  • Pivot Tables

  • Formulas

  • Data connectivity


  • Macros and VBA

  • Integrating Excel with other software 

Artist in Workshop

Small Business Specialists

"The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business." — Aruna Bhayana

North Port Solutions specializes in helping small businesses get a handle on their data. Whether your data is in Excel, Microsoft Access, a software package, or another type of database, we understand the unique nature of small businesses. You're agile and responsive, and your data needs to keep up with you!

Start a Conversation with our Excel Expert

Your initial consultation is always free. Once we understand your needs, we'll develop a free proposal, including a "not-to-exceed" cost, so that you'll always know exactly what you're getting.

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Meet Our Guru


Kimberlee Martin is a software developer with an affinity for Microsoft Excel. Kim has taught Excel classes at all levels from introduction through Excel VBA Programming. She loves analyzing complex Excel formulas and automating processes with Excel macros.

Fill out the form to start a conversation with Kim about your Excel issues. Our initial evaluation is commitment free. We'll evaluate your issue, make recommendations, and discuss solutions, all at no cost.

We guarantee you'll be happy with our services, or you won't pay a dime!

Here's what one happy customer had to say about the Excel solution we developed for them:

"What we got is an amazing product in the end. We couldn't have been happier. The team is now able to put together a report much more effectively and efficiently with much less errors to make."

San San Kraijesteijn
3angles, Inc.

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